Our History

About Malawi Washington Association

The Malawi Washington Association (MWA) is a registered non-political, non-regional, inter-ethnic group organization based in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.
The Malawi Washington Association was founded in 1994 by Peter Kapakasa, Stafford Chipungu, Jonathan Kamkwalala, and the late Henri Nsanjama. These four Malawians aimed at forming an organization that not only united the growing number of Malawians in the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland, but also the growing number of Malawians in the host countries of the United States of America and Canada. Currently, the organization has over a hundred members and a number of supporters both in and out of the Malawian community.

The Organization's Goals

  • To promote, advance, and protect the interests and welfare of Malawians residing in the Washington Metropolitan Area and elsewhere in the US and Canada
  • To assist Malawians and deserving non-Malawians in times of need and hardships
  • To carry out or finance non-political projects as a means of contributing to the development of Malawi
  • To promote cultural, educational, and commercial relations between Malawi and the United States of America
  • To act as a medium between malawians in DC, and the Malawi government
  • To foster a sense of community and patriotism between Malawians residing in the USA
  • To undertake any activity which is consistent with the above objectives, and those outlined by the MWA Charter which are not in violation of the laws of the District of Columbia


How Can You Help?

The Malawi Washington Association has over 100 members in the Washington DC area alone. MWA also has supporters in other states. Although MWA is a membership organization, we cater many of our events for all Malawians, Africans and Americans in the larger community. Become a Member