Washington Area Malawi Flood Relief Effort

Malawi has faced weeks of heavy rain which has resulted in devastating floods. Tens of thousands of families have been displaced and at least 200 people are dead or missing. Many people remain unaccounted for in areas that have yet to be accessible by road, the government and aid organizations have furnished temporary shelters, but a lot of assistance is required in returning some normalcy to the affected families.

Source of Donations:
Malawi Flood Relief Fundraiser Video

The Washington Area Malawi Flood Relief Effort (WAMFRE) is sponsored by a coalition of three non-profit, membership-based organizations in the Washington, DC area -- Malawi Washington Association, Malawi Washington Foundation, and Southern African Community USA (SACU) --- who are partnering with reputable local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are working with Malawian communities to rebuild and move towards sustainability.

The mission of this collaborated effort is to increase awareness about the Malawi floods in the United States and provide support to vulnerable populations in Malawi through existing relief efforts who are working in areas that have been affected by floods.

Raising awareness through social media, print media and television or radio.
Providing financial support through hosting a series of fundraising events and soliciting donations through mail and social media.

Ongoing Events:


NAMFRE: Fundraising Campaign - On going
We are supporting the efforts of North American Flood Relief Effort:
A national effort to raise funds by Malawians the Malawian Diaspora in the United States.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/NAMFRE
Go fund Me site:   Indiegogo Online Campaign

Past Events

WAMFRE: Fundraising Campaign - This campaign ended on May 3, 2015


We  launched a portal to raise $10,000 in the DC area for charity.

WAMFRE Fundraiser Cocktail Night: A fundraising event for charity

  • Friday, March 27th  7-11 pm
  • Avant Garde Ballroom Dance Center
    5268 Nicholson Ln, Kensington, MD 20895


Vigil Doc
"A Prayer Vigil For Malawi" : Fundraising at church to pray for the victims and to join together in fellowship
The event program includes Malawian clergy, musical performances, and fellowship.

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